A Nice Mommy Moment


Being a mom is a pretty tough job, but the payoff is amazing.  This is pretty common knowledge among parents.  Yet you will still find us reveling in those moments when all the poopy bums, being spit up on, and having to say the same thing 100 times is worth it because our kid did something cool. I had one of those moments yesterday.  My son found my old doll, which is about the size of a 2 month old infant and it looks like a real baby. He promptly gave the doll his sister’s name, and he started walking around with his baby.

In his world of pretend play I was still the mother, he was the father, and his real sister was still just that Godzilla-like creature that sits on the floor determined to eat every die-cast car within reach.  He then started to bounce his daughter doll because she was crying.  He then sat down and announced “I am a daddy, so I need to feed my baby Mommy milk” all while lifting up his shirt and bringing the baby to his nipple.  I was so touched by his loving and nurturing attitude towards his baby!  It is also slightly amusing that he thinks Dad’s can nurse, a bubble I am not ready to pop yet.

I ran downstairs and tried to get the camera before the nursing session was over, since I really wanted to capture that moment forever. Alas, by the time I flew back up the stairs the baby was finished, and my son was ready to chuck the baby in the back of his dump truck as he raced up and down the hallway driving his “mail truck”.

So even though I was unable to capture the moment on film, it was definitely a moment that is etched into my brain.

My son is very tender and caring with my daughter. He is generous with kisses and hugs, and she just adores him!



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