If you won’t nap, can I?

It has been a long time since I have posted my last blog. It has been on my mind to do, but despite my best intentions my blog remains neglected.  I would love to say that I have been super productive and completed things on my long to do list; like sanding and repainting my kitchen cabinets or painting the baseboards in the basement, but sadly that is not the case.  So what have I been doing you might ask?  If you were at my house you would see that the answer is not cleaning, since my house is definitely not spotless (or anything remotely close). No my friends I have been working on getting my daughter onto a nap routine.  That’s right; I am spending far too much time each day getting my child just to sleep.

Each day for the last few weeks I have spent anywhere from one to three hours fighter my daughter’s will to stay awake. This frustrates me, because I would like to be spending this time doing something else, like actually playing with my children or cleaning the never-ending mess in my house (to make me feel like there is some order in my life).  Now some people may question my dedication as a parent; putting your children to sleep is one of those things that all parents are SUPPOSED to enjoy.  However the idea of spending an hour singing softly to a screaming, wriggling, cranky, squirmy and tired baby is just exhausting to me.  What often exasperates the situation is when I have her almost asleep and my son runs in and crashes a truck, or yells that he NEEDS to watch another Mighty Machines, thus canceling out all the work I have put in so far.  I do this routine at least twice a day, and I am feeling slightly broken by the entire process.  I feel like my daughter is tenaciously clinging to consciousness to try and break my will somehow.

However, before you get mad at me for complaining, I realize I am lucky to have two happy, healthy children, and all that stuff. I also understand that by no means is my daughter doing this TO me in any way. I see that her sleep requirements are starting to change, and I also understand that a change in the routine is needed since it no longer fits her requirements.  She used to just adapt to what my son and I were doing, but now I see she needs a more structured routine.  Therefore my frustration and hers reveals to me that we are both at a threshold of change, and steps need to be taken to make Mommy and baby happy again.

So, we are now on day three of the new routine.  It is nowhere near perfect yet, however major gains have been made, and frustration levels are decreasing.  The baby is more rested, a little less resistant of sleep, and everyone feels a little less stress in our life.  Now I feel more at peace knowing that I have taken this demanding, frustrating routine that was not working for our family and made the changes needed to grow and flourish.  I am reminded by this process that stress is that catalyst for change, and change facilitates growth.



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