Snug As A Bug In A Burger Bun

So I am not really wimpy woman when it comes to bugs.  I like to camp, I still play in the dirt, and I am not afraid to “take care of” the occasional centipede.  However, I do not really like when bugs invade my house, and I am not the type to eat the bug in my food because it contains “extra protein”.  In fact I might even go as far as saying bugs in my food is a definite no-go in my book.  So you will imagine my surprise when I opened a brand new package of Dempster’s whole wheat hamburger buns and found a cockroach-like bug, ALIVE in-between the slices.

Not wanting this disgusting creature to invade my house, I shoved the two pieces of bun back together and threw the bun back into the bag.  I used the twist tie to try to contain the little, and then proceeded to put the bag of buns inside 2 shopping bags (tightly tied shut of course).  The whole package was placed outside until I could figure out what to do with it.

Now you may think I am silly for not simply throwing the buns out, but I am a firm believer in saying something when something is wrong.  For me and my family a bug in my food is definitely wrong.  Especially if you think of what might have happened if I just grabbed the bun and took a bite without separating them first.  I cringe at that thought.

So I figured I should call Dempster’s.  Despite my feelings of anxiety I reopened the grocery bag (outside of course) and found the number on the back associated with satisfaction guarantee.  The phone call went like this:

Me:  I found a bug in the brand new bag of buns I bought.  It was between the buns.

Software Bugs

Software Bugs (Photo credit: FastJack)

Phone Lady:  When did you buy the buns?Me:  Yesterday, at Walmart.

Phone Lady:  Had the bag been opened?

Me:  No, not until the bug incident, and it was the first bun I pulled out.

Phone Lady:  Does the packaging look damaged?

Me:  No (why would I buy it if it looked damaged?)

Phone Lady: So obviously the bug was dead.

Me:  Oh no, it was alive and crawling around.

Phone Lady:  Oh. … What did you do with it?

Me:  I stuffed it back in the bag and put the bag into a grocery bag.

Phone Lady:  In cases where there is contamination we like to examine the product.  We will send a UPS Currier out with an envelope.  Would you like standard or express shipping?

Me:  You want me to take the bun out of the bag and put it in an envelope?  Um no.  You can send me a box please.

Phone Lady: I’ll check.

Me:  (on hold for 2 minutes)

Phone Lady:  Hi sorry about that, we will send you a box on Monday, can you be home?

Me:  Yeah, but what do I do with it until then?

Phone Lady:  Put it in your freezer.

Me:  I don’t really want to do that.

Phone Lady:  The currier will bring the box in the afternoon and you can call the next day for them to come back and pick it up.

Me:  Can’t I just stuff it in the box and hand it right back to the UPS guy.

Phone Lady:  No you will be charged for it, you need to call the next day.

Me:  Seriously?

Phone Lady:  Yes just call the number the next day and someone will come and get it.  We will also be sending you coupons to replace the damaged goods.  I hope you have a good day.

WHAT?!  I was so nonplussed by the telephone conversation I ended up agreeing to put that disgusting little creature in my freezer for almost a week. I still can’t believe it.  I have to tell you I was also really shocked with how this whole thing was handled.  The phone agent did not at all seem surprised that I found a bug in my food (except maybe that it was still alive).  She also didn’t seem at all concerned with my satisfaction. Needless to say I am feeling really grossed out by the whole experience.

This also raises questions in my mind around this company’s concern for food safety.  If they can’t be vigilant about letting bugs live in their food products, can I be certain this food has not come into contact with peanuts (which are not listed on the ingredients).  Is my daughter’s life at risk because of her food allergy and Dempster’s blatant disregard for food safety standards?  I have to say that I can no longer trust this company and their products.

Also what about their satisfaction guarantee?  So even though I only spent less than $3 on the package of buns, I kind of expected more from their company than a bunch of coupons, especially since I will no longer be eating their foods so what good does coupons do me.

But what did I expect?  I am not really sure.  You hear of these people who find frogs in their pre-washed lettuce packages, and fingers in their fast food, and then getting these large monetary sums from the company in question.  I would be lying if I didn’t secretly hope that would happen to us, but I am not surprised at the same time that they didn’t go offering me large sums of money.  I guess the non-confrontational nature I have prevented me from being that irate customer.  However, I think I at least expected a refund of my money.  Instead now I am being put to work sending them bugs in the mail.  I also have had to empty my chest freezer in the garage, and now I have to live with the knowledge that there is a bug in my freezer.  I really don’t feel that is worth a bunch of stupid coupons!

What about you, what would you expect out of this situation?  Would you have just thrown the buns in the garbage; would you have eaten the bun anyway (maybe minus the bug); or would you be calling the newspapers until you got a large monetary sum for your trouble?  What would you have done so you did not end up feeling so unsettled about the entire experience?



  1. I think Dempsters should be paying the UPS courrier, NOT you.

    • Oh they are, but only if I wait and call UPS to come back the next day, which just happens to be the day we are at Marine Land.

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